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Premium Line: For supreme Overland comfort and off-grid expeditions.
Minimalist: A gear hauling, moto carrying, backcountry camping transformer
DIY: For the Do-It-Yourself fanatic, we did all the hardest work for you

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any 4x4 vans in stock today?

Yes! We have the latest 2020 and 2019 4×4 Sprinters available in Premium Line configurations, and 2016 4×4 Sprinters in both Premium Line and Minimalist configurations. 

Is the Heat & A/C Gas or Electric?

Our Premium-Line vans include 100% electric appliances: A/C, heat, induction cooktop, fridge/freezer and outlets, all powered by a central battery system.

How much do MVAV Vans Cost?

Mountain View Adventure Vehicles range in price from ~$85,000 – $180,000 and are available for immediate delivery. 

Do you do Custom Builds?

We are not a full custom conversion company but that doesntmean you cant personalize your van. Call us today to learn more about our operations. 


What Kind of Batteries Do you Use?

We prefer Lithium whenever possible. Their BMS-managed units provide much longer life, higher capacity, lighter weight and more efficient recharging rates than AGM batteries. 

Where are You Located?

Our facility is located in Tucson AZ.